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Big Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow I try something i have never done. I will be running my first half marathon. Right now I am sitting her nervous about all of the things that can possibly go wrong. I could run really slow and not finish….I could trip, I could do some random thing….

At the same time I am excited because this will be the longest event I have done and I have not been running even a year. I remember when I decided that I wanted to try this running thing out. I remember not being about to run for more than a few meters before I needed to walk.

I think my breakthrough in my running came from doing crossfit. Anyone that has done Crossfit knows that the group camaraderie in a workout makes it work. I remember the first time I had an easy 400 meter run and I thought there is nothing easy about that! I am sure many people can relate. Now 5 months later when i go for a 2nd workout and there is a 400 meter run it actually feels good. Somedays I am waiting to get back to the box to do my second workout which is endurance based. I never would have thought that I would be excited to go workout a second time.

So for those reading my blog, what are your fitness goals?Do you have a specific goal in mind for what you want to do? I had a goal to run a half marathon, what is my new goal? My new goal is to improve my form and my ability to pace an be steady. Thoughts, questions and comments are welcome Continue reading “Big Day Tomorrow”

Fitness, Health

Long Time

It was been a long time since I have posted a blog. Over the last few months my journey has taken down a path the a few years ago I would not have even imagined. A few years ago, I could not run for any length of time, heck a year ago I could only run for a few seconds before I got too tired. My friend Angelisa can definitely attest to that. Thanksgiving day I did my first 5k, I walked most of it but I finished it. My time for that first 5k was just shy of any hour. This past July I did 5k and my time was under 40 minutes. However this summer I have also done a 10k in May and a 15k in July and in 1 week I am doing my very first half marathon. My goal next week is to finish the half with 15 minute mile average. I wold have never thought a year ago that I would be excited to run or that I would want to just go for a run on a saturday or sunday morning.

Other changes

WellI have been doing crossfit for over 5 months now. I have become that person that goes almost everyday during the week and 2x some of those days. In fact, if I could I would go 2x a day everyday and I would go monday through friday but…. I am learning that you also need to let your body rest. I can tell I am getting stronger and more endurance. Who would have ever thought that I would ever be the first one in after an easy 400m run?

Also my diet has changed. I stopped doing weight watchers because it was not working for me. Im going to clarify that Weight Watchers is a great program but it stopped working for me because my workout routine changed and became much more intense. I do a mostly clean eating thing, not completely clean just mostly. I still eat crap occasionally but I eat a pretty consistent diet of the same things. I am learning to listen to my body and to my cravings to determine if something needs to change.

So hopefully I will get back to a more stable posting routine and post my on my thoughts about being healthy and fitness.