Motivation in the Midst of Pandemic

Since the pandemic has started, the world of fitness has been in a constantly changing position. For some the gyms have not reopened, for others they have reopened only to close again. For some the communities they have built are trying to exist without physically coming together. The one thing is this, our fitness is struggling.

Prior to the pandemic I was training for the LA Marathon which occurred the Sunday before all races ended up cancelled making it one of the last big races we saw happen in person. I was running double digit miles multiple times a week with no issue. Now with no in-person race to train for even a 6-8 mile run seems like so much and the time is significantly slower. I had originally planned to do more weight training after LA but then the gyms closed and the option was off the table.

I wonder if I am the only one struggling to stay motivated with my fitness with the lack of in-person events. Is it just me that needs the community to keep my motivation? I have started running with a friend or 2 just to keep some level of fitness but those runs are much slower than they used to be.

How is your fitness? Are you staying motivated? How are you keeping your motivation? Let’s help one another out! Message me or comment and let’s chat!


2 thoughts on “Motivation in the Midst of Pandemic

  1. Girlie I’m so with you on wanting community support and encouragement to keep going. It has been truly challenging. I know for me it’s challenging as we sold our house in April and have been living with my mother-in-law & with my mom. So our schedule is all over the board on any given day & having Sierra with scoliosis she needs us to help exercise to strengthen her core as much as possible. So I think you are doing an incredible job! I miss my running so so much. I haven’t ran since May. So I need to get back at it. Trying to help my mom pack after living in her house for 17 years has taken a lot. I miss you and know you continue to inspire me!

    1. Thank you! I know it has been a juggling act for you with all the changes! Your street parking family wod posts are inspiring to see

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