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Reset Challenge Recap from week 3

Last week was so busy that I did not even have the time to blog about my week. There were days that I wanted to eat and eat but I did not. My weight loss was not as good as I would have liked to lose more but that is ok. I know that sometimes our bodies slow down some in weight loss and then they will go back to the weight loss we are used to. I also know that stress had an impact on my weight loss. I did not lose as much but I was also super stressed out with work so the fact that I did not gain a large amount of weight over the week is also a good thing. I also noticed that I did not choose to eat the bad things like candy when I was stressed.

What about you? Are you having struggles with losing weight? Is it because you made poor decisions while stressed or has the stress just stopped you? Just some thoughts….

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Reset Challenge Week 2

So this week I started week 2 of the Reset Challenge. I have now been using the USANA products now for one month. So what did the journey look like this week? Did I keep losing weight now that I have added back in regular food one time a day?

So starting my week with Monday, first thing I noticed, my workout felt better. For those that do not know, I am a crossfitter, so monday when I saw air squats and pull ups I was a little worried to start. But then I started to do the air squats and something crazy happened, my hip joints did not hurt at all and I was able to move a lot faster that I normally do. I was excited because that NEVER happens for me. Then I go to do pull ups with my red band (one of the strongest bands) and for some reason I was able to do them without too much effort, definitely not like before. When I finished the rest of the workout I felt good and I thought maybe I did not go as intense as I should have. Then I touched the top of my head and my hair was dripping with sweat. I did my second workout that evening and it felt good and I was very happy. I thought if this is the new normal than I am in!!!

I stuck with it all week and learned a few things about myself. First as much as I like coffee on days when I drink coffee I need to make sure I drink enough water because otherwise my weight loss is poor or I have a slight gain. I have changed the order I am eating because my workout schedule and work schedule is different than most. So at the end of the week did I lose weight? Yep I sure did I lost 1.8 pounds this week and I have lost 7% of my body weight total. Any questions feel free to message me or comment to ask away,

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Reset Nation Challenge

Hello all,

Last Monday marked the beginning of the reset nation challenge. This is through USANA and the grand prize is a trip to Sanoviv in Mexico. I started using USANA products 1 month ago and when I signed up I thought I did not need to do the reset program. I mean I work out regularly and I eat pretty good so I thought by just changing my shakes and bars out and starting the supplements I would be good to go. Boy have I learned my lesson. I was doing alright, there was some weight loss and I was seeing the changes, my mind did not wander as much, I felt better, my hair stopped shedding everywhere. However, I had told myself I could not do reset because I wanted to eat food.

Let me take a minute to explain what reset is. Reset is a program through USANA where for 5 days you do 3 shakes (meal replacement) a day and 2 bars (for snacks). You can have all the forest vegetables you want during this time.

So as you can imagine I was thinking that this would be crazy to do, while others thought I was nuts for not doing it. But that changed, when you might ask? When the reset nation challenge was announced. When someone offers a prize, I get slightly competitive and decide I am going to try and win. Then there are prizes you can earn by losing certain percentages of your weight. I am great at focusing on a prize. My first goal was to get the prize for 3 and 5 percent of weight loss.

The first day was slightly hard but then it was easy to do. I was actually surprised because I felt good and was not craving anything. This continued all week. Also a bonus is that you can use the virtual coach and then you send in your weight each day and are encouraged as you go along.

I just saw my weight coming off each day and now at the end of week one I have lost 5% of my body weight. And it was not that hard. Also I feel great! So if you are interested you should check out my website. USANA

Or try the True Health Assessment

Let me know what you think!