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So a few weeks ago I decided I would sign up for a half-marathon and signed up for a race in November. You know what a race in November means? It means starting half-marathon training in the summer heat. For those who may be blessed enough to have summers that are not unbearable, just know you are blessed. I live in the Central Valley of California and we regularly get temperatures that are well over 100 degrees throughout the summer which means that training has to be planned and needs to start as early as possible. For mean that means I get as many of my miles in as early as possible and before the sun comes up. So today I finished week 1 of training and had 2 of 3 runs that were successful. However, the one that failed was due to poor air quality. Training in California also means being aware of fire season and how this may impact training.

This week felt overall good, I was able to run faster than my plan prescribed and felt good during the run. One of the runs my dog was able to join me (but I don’t think she is ready for longer runs yet). As I start training, it feels different than the other runs I have been doing as maintenance to keep some mileage up. Now I have a purpose and a goal for when I run my half marathon this fall. My goal is to finish with a faster time than my last half-marathon pre-covid (sub 2:20 total time). For now, I am starting much slower than that and will work to get faster.

What race are you training for? What are you training for?


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