Today was the day! I registered for my first marathon. I am running in the LA Marathon March 2015. Now I just have to train for the marathon. I am excited and nervous. This is yet another running goal that I am reaching for and will be able to cross of my list but then the doubt comes in. What if I can’t finish it? What if I am running too slow and do not finish in the required time.

I know as novice runners (which I consider myself) there are a million different training programs that we are told about and everyone is going to give their two cents on what you need to do to finish the marathon and what to do after the marathon. I know I am going to keep my normal training with teh exception that I am going to add one more day of running with more distance added and hopefully get better times so that as the event gets closer I will not stress out as much.

Any thoughts? Comments and ideas?