Trusting in Everything

Sometimes I use my time running, walking the dog or lifting weights to think or to pray. There is something about when I am moving that makes my brain start to work and fully process things. Maybe this is just me, but my best ideas and thoughts have come from a run. Some of the most important times of prayer have also been on a run or a walk.

Today I was walking my dog and thinking about the sermon I heard yesterday at church. Something that my pastor said stuck and has been running through my mind ever since. He put a prayer at the beginning of the sermon that was the end of the sermon a couple weeks ago. The prayer was this, “God, let my life reflect You Glory and Your Purpose. I choose to trust You with everything, everyone and every moment.” I don’t know if the timing this week just hit different but something about hearing this a second time put this on repeat in my mind.

I find that for me I tend to lean towards trusting myself to do things. I trust my abilities to take care of the finances, or the various tasks that I have. However, I know that I can’t put my trust in myself completely because there are things outside of my control. How many times have we tried to make a deal with God as a way of having some semblance of control over what may happen? If You do _______(fill in the blank) then I will _____ . What would happen if we truly trusted him in everything? What would happen if we trusted him with every moment of our day?

A few years ago I had a dream in my heart. With various changes I assumed that this dream would never happen. I trusted God in this and left this in His hands. I was able to trust that He gave me this dream and that He would bring it to pass when it was time. I left this on the back burner but the dream is still very much alive. Now I know that I can try and make things happen and I could have pushed and found a way for this to happen. However, I never felt like I was supposed to push this direction. However, this week, I had a conversation that reminded me of this dream and reminded me that God is still going to bring this plan forward in the future. Trusting Him with something this big was easy, because there was no time to try and do it on my own. Now I see that this will come to pass in His time.

Are you trusting God with everything, everyone and every moment?


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