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New Year

Whenever New Years comes up I think back to the previous year and what my goals for the year were. We have all made some crazy goals or resolutions. We all have seen how crazy the gym is the week or two after new years day and then some of us see the drop off as everyone else goes back to the way things were before the new year started. All of a sudden there will be lots of parking spots at the gym, all the people you saw outside running will stop and things will go back to normal.

Last year my goal was to train and run the Disneyland Half Marathon. I did this. However I added several other health focused things to my life as well. I started doing crossfit, I started running more, I changed how I eat and think about wellness. This year I am setting some new goals for myself.

1. Run the LA Marathon (Already Registered)
2. Run the TinkerBell 10k (Already Registered)
3. Get my 5k time down to 30 min or less
4. Get my 10k time down to 60min or less
5. Do the Dumbo Dare
6. Finish a half-marathon in 3 hours or less
7. Do a strict pull-up
8. Do a handstand push-up
9. Get Double Unders
10. Do at least 1 Crossfit WOD at RX

I have just a few goals, but I know that some of them are inter-related. If I want to run a 10k in an hour my 5k time is going to need to be half that, right? I also know that I am getting close on some of my goals and I just need to keep pushing. Also I know that not all my goals can be running related since that is not all my fitness is. These are just the fitness goals, there are other goals for the new year but they are not quite as set yet. I guess I will see what the new year brings.


Trying New Things

How many of us have a set routine for fitness and nutrition? Do we get told one thing and follow it blindly? I know that I like to follow a specific regime and when it is time to make changes because something else is possibly better for me I have some difficulty changing things. Over the last week I have been in the process of changing my routine. I switched my protein to one that is cleaner and has a lower glycemic index and I switched my protein bars as well. I added in vitamins and supplements to help me recover better from my workouts. I even changed my skin care and shampoo and conditioner.

Now one might ask what does all that mean? Who cares if you changed a part of your process. What difference does it really make? Man! Let me tell you a couple of changes can make a world of difference. Simple changes, for example, those that know me , know I shed like crazy all the time. Currently I have now gone two days without shedding. This is big for me!

I am starting to feel the change in other areas as well. I have had multiple days where I can walk by candy that normally would be grabbed without even thinking twice and not take any. I do not even crave it, I think that it tastes good and that I don’t need it or really want it and keep walking.

So I’m sure that you are all wondering what in the world is this girl using. I have switched over to USANA and I feel great! Also I have become a wellness consultant with this organization and would love to help other people in their wellness journey. Step one is pretty simple take the True Health Assessment, link provided. Any questions or comments comment on her or send me a message