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New Year

Whenever New Years comes up I think back to the previous year and what my goals for the year were. We have all made some crazy goals or resolutions. We all have seen how crazy the gym is the week or two after new years day and then some of us see the drop off as everyone else goes back to the way things were before the new year started. All of a sudden there will be lots of parking spots at the gym, all the people you saw outside running will stop and things will go back to normal.

Last year my goal was to train and run the Disneyland Half Marathon. I did this. However I added several other health focused things to my life as well. I started doing crossfit, I started running more, I changed how I eat and think about wellness. This year I am setting some new goals for myself.

1. Run the LA Marathon (Already Registered)
2. Run the TinkerBell 10k (Already Registered)
3. Get my 5k time down to 30 min or less
4. Get my 10k time down to 60min or less
5. Do the Dumbo Dare
6. Finish a half-marathon in 3 hours or less
7. Do a strict pull-up
8. Do a handstand push-up
9. Get Double Unders
10. Do at least 1 Crossfit WOD at RX

I have just a few goals, but I know that some of them are inter-related. If I want to run a 10k in an hour my 5k time is going to need to be half that, right? I also know that I am getting close on some of my goals and I just need to keep pushing. Also I know that not all my goals can be running related since that is not all my fitness is. These are just the fitness goals, there are other goals for the new year but they are not quite as set yet. I guess I will see what the new year brings.

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Change in Climate

I realized today that it has been a long time since my last blog. Perhaps because right now I should be working on my dissertation but I am not.  I moved from Michigan several months ago back to California.  Big big difference in the climate. I have found that since moving here, it is much easier to be active.  It is interesting how much of a difference the weather can make on how active we are.  I have found several new things that I really love.  I love riding my bike, I did this a lot for a bit but have changed my workout and I am focusing more on training in the evenings for the Disneyland Half-Marathon.  Also since moving how I did this crazy thing and joined Crossfit. This  fitness novice has definitley had her butt kicked by joining Crossfit…. the workouts are crazy intense.  However now that I have been doing this more than 1 month consistently (at least 4 days a week) I am finding that I can feel myself getting stronger.  I am able to do things that I could not do when I started. Now I am adding a second workout focused on training for the half marathon.  It is crazy though how much not directly training for running has already helped my speed.  My 5k pace has dropped about 5 miles a minute.  I am down to about 13 min mile doing a 5k from about 20min mile. I am running another 5k in a couple of weeks and we will see what happens then.   Anyone else have this experience?

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Tundra Weather

This past few week here in Michigan I often feel as though I am in a scene from the movie Frozen and winter will never end.  I know eventually winter ends, and in my mind I am trying to break the spell of winter though love…. its not working, that apparently only works in the movies. It is so hard to be healthy in the tundra weather, hot chocolate calls my name and exercising outside is a thing of the past.   How does a person cope and stay healthy when its so cold out that all you want to do it sit at home and drink hot chocolate and do nothing.  How do we break the spell of winter?

We make ourselves move more.  I make a point to put my workout bag in the car, and go to the gym before I go home each night.  I wear a fitbit and compete on steps with people from all over the world.  I walk a 5k on the treadmill on as fast of a walk as I can do and read a fiction book (this is the only time in my schedule where this is allowed).  I will be moving back to sunny southern CA in a couple weeks and I know that I will once again enjoy running outside and getting fully prepped to run in the Disneyland half marathon.

So for now, I sit and work on my dissertation and know that before I can go home, I will go to the gym and get in my walk.

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Cold Weather and Fitness

This week here in Michigan has been very cold, this makes being healthy incredibly difficult.  It is far to cold to exercise outside and even getting out to go the gym is  difficult.  So the question is what do you do to stay fit? I went to the gym on Sunday knowing that I had the time and was already out but yesterday I did not leave my house.  Today I have a goal to go to the gym, but with the weather outside I am not sure that I will be heading there.  Anyone else having this problem?

There is also something about the cold weather that makes me want to sit in front of the TV and watch TV all day and drink hot chocolate and coffee and eat junk food.  Anyone else having this problem?

Today I will have to decide what I will choose, will I choose to go to the gym and keep up training for the Disneyland Half-Marathon? As of right now I plan on going to the gym and not sitting around drinking hot chocolate.  Time to get fit and healthy!!

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Welcome to my new blog!!! This blog is my attempt to help myself on a new journey towards being physically healthier.  I am going to put my disclaimer here that I am not expert in health or fitness and I am just beginning this journey.  Feel free to comment.  I know that some people have more experience and if you are here then something has caught your eye.

What do I mean by healthy does not mean going on some crazy diet in order to lose a ton of weight.  I may post about some random diets but do not think that I am telling anyone to do a specific diet.  I will just be posting about my journey and what it has been like.  So now that we have that clarified lets start the journey!

What are your fitness goals this year? Do you have health goal?

I plan on running the Disneyland Half- Marathon in August so I am going to begin training for this event? Anyone else have a goal like that?