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Wellness Wednesday Water Round 2

Hello again,

Last week we talked about how important it is to add more water into our daily routines and I have had some great comments about how people are working to add water into they routine. So I thought this week we would once again talk about our friend water. There are many many health benefits to drinking the right amount of water. Its not just doom and gloom if you don’t drink enough water but there are positive rewards for drinking more water.

First benefit comes for those (like myself) that sometimes eat because you are bored. Sometimes I drink water in large amounts when I am driving long distances (for those that know me that means everyday). I drink water because it gives me something to do while driving or stuck in traffic besides eating snacks. The benefit is I eat less food that is not as good for me. Thats right I eat less bad calories! Are you trying to lose weight and having a hard time with snacking in the car? Drink water, or give yourself a challenge that you can’t eat any snacks until you drink a bottle of water. Help yourself train to drink more water and eat less bad.

Second benefit comes with your skin, when you don’t drink enough water your skin can look old. What I mean by this is dry and more wrinkled. When you drink enough water your skin has what it needs to stay hydrated. Not that drinking water will get rid of wrinkles but it might stop you from getting them premature.

Third and final benefit today is that drinking water helps your body get rid of toxins and waste from your kidneys. People often lose weight when they first start this because their body actually starts to get rid of the stuff that has been there that was not moving. Getting rid of toxins and waste will also help you feel better and more energetic.

This is just a short list of positives that come with drinking water. Will you get enough water in this week? What are you doing to increase your water?


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Tundra Weather

This past few week here in Michigan I often feel as though I am in a scene from the movie Frozen and winter will never end.  I know eventually winter ends, and in my mind I am trying to break the spell of winter though love…. its not working, that apparently only works in the movies. It is so hard to be healthy in the tundra weather, hot chocolate calls my name and exercising outside is a thing of the past.   How does a person cope and stay healthy when its so cold out that all you want to do it sit at home and drink hot chocolate and do nothing.  How do we break the spell of winter?

We make ourselves move more.  I make a point to put my workout bag in the car, and go to the gym before I go home each night.  I wear a fitbit and compete on steps with people from all over the world.  I walk a 5k on the treadmill on as fast of a walk as I can do and read a fiction book (this is the only time in my schedule where this is allowed).  I will be moving back to sunny southern CA in a couple weeks and I know that I will once again enjoy running outside and getting fully prepped to run in the Disneyland half marathon.

So for now, I sit and work on my dissertation and know that before I can go home, I will go to the gym and get in my walk.