Fitness versus Wellness

When I hear the word fitness I have many thoughts that go along in the process. I think of running and working out and being athletic. Does anyone else think this way? In the world of fitness I often feel not even close to being an expert. I listen to others and hear their views on fitness and how to work out and how to get healthy and if I did everything I read in magazines or hve people tell me I would probably not be very fit and I would be very confused.

Wellness is a different story and expectation. When workplaces offer wellness plans they are often related to more than just fitness goals. My goal is not to focus on fitness goals but overall health and wellness. This means being able to take my breaks during work and give myself the time to step away from work and go for a walk or eat not with my computer. My new focus is going to be on overall wellness. Any thoughts please comment!


3 thoughts on “Fitness versus Wellness

  1. Great to hear that you are concentrating more on wellness and healthy lifestyle than having picture perfect outer look! As a nutritionist and someone who actually studied physiology, I would say do your own research. If something doesn’t add up, google it, check facts, instead of just following fashion trends on diets!

    Check out our latest post on how to lead and successfully maintain a healthy lifestyle with easy daily steps just with this link which will take you to the article! I hope you find your motivation! 🙂


  2. I agree with you that fitness and wellness are not one in the same. I can walk all day long but if I’m eating fried food for every meal, I will feel terrible. My workplace has an optional site that we can subscribe to called Redbrick Health. I’ve worked at the place for over two years, but I only recently discovered it. Over the past month, I’ve done team challenges with coworkers through the site and gone through “journeys” — which provide different ways to squeeze in activity during the workday, meal planning tips, etc.

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