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Fitness Friday

Here we are at the end of the year and I am realizing that I have neglected this blog for the last year. This coming year I am making a point to make some fitness related goals for the year and I am going to post about my progress here.

Looking ahead, I have a race coming up January 21. I am running the Pasadena Half Marathon as part of the Conquer LA challenge. I don’t know about you but my training has definitely been what I wanted it to be and now I need to focus in my training. I have a half marathon in January and February and a full marathon in March, so the next few months will be focused in on preparing for the LA marathon which is in March. `

How are you training? Are you running any races? What are you goals for the upcoming year? I will be posting more next Friday.

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Wellness Wednesday Water Round 2

Hello again,

Last week we talked about how important it is to add more water into our daily routines and I have had some great comments about how people are working to add water into they routine. So I thought this week we would once again talk about our friend water. There are many many health benefits to drinking the right amount of water. Its not just doom and gloom if you don’t drink enough water but there are positive rewards for drinking more water.

First benefit comes for those (like myself) that sometimes eat because you are bored. Sometimes I drink water in large amounts when I am driving long distances (for those that know me that means everyday). I drink water because it gives me something to do while driving or stuck in traffic besides eating snacks. The benefit is I eat less food that is not as good for me. Thats right I eat less bad calories! Are you trying to lose weight and having a hard time with snacking in the car? Drink water, or give yourself a challenge that you can’t eat any snacks until you drink a bottle of water. Help yourself train to drink more water and eat less bad.

Second benefit comes with your skin, when you don’t drink enough water your skin can look old. What I mean by this is dry and more wrinkled. When you drink enough water your skin has what it needs to stay hydrated. Not that drinking water will get rid of wrinkles but it might stop you from getting them premature.

Third and final benefit today is that drinking water helps your body get rid of toxins and waste from your kidneys. People often lose weight when they first start this because their body actually starts to get rid of the stuff that has been there that was not moving. Getting rid of toxins and waste will also help you feel better and more energetic.

This is just a short list of positives that come with drinking water. Will you get enough water in this week? What are you doing to increase your water?


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Wellness Wednesday

Hello All!

I am here, back to blogging about health, wellness and fitness. One thing that I will be starting on this blog will Wellness Wednesday. On Wednesdays, I will post  about wellness specific information. So to start off the first post we are going to start at the beginning.

Where are you at in your wellness journey?

What do I mean by this? Well are you on a wellness journey, have you began to think about where you want to be with your wellness? If the answer is no, then what brought you here?

In psychology we learn about the stages of change. There is the pre-contemplative stage of change, this is the part before you realize you need a change. Maybe some other tag brought you here but now you have some interest peaked. Then people move to the contemplative stage of change. This is where you are beginning to think that there may be a problem with something going on in your life. Maybe your pants are starting to get a little tighter than you like or you are getting more tired quicker than you used to. Maybe you are just not happy with where you are so you are thinking about making a change. After this comes planning, maybe you are in this stage of change. Are you starting to make plans to make changes, making a plan to exercise more, setting up goals that you want to achieve are some ways that we begin to plan. Then comes the action stage where you actually start doing things differently. This is when maybe you are eating differently, maybe you have made a new workout routine. Then is maintenance when you are continuing on the journey and are able to without needing additional supports and these changes have become habits and lifestyle changes

So the first step in your wellness journey it to figure out where you are at on this journey and determine if you are ready to start one if you are not already on a journey.  Next week we will discuss the way to get going on a wellness journey. Let me know on the comments your thoughts!

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Fitness Transformation

I started on this journey to be healthy and fit a little over a year ago. I am not sure if I even knew where I was going to land when I decided that something needed to change but here I am and a lot has changed. I remember when I first started to run, well I use that term loosely because my dear friend Angelisa would go with me and she was so patient to walk every time I could not run anymore and that was a lot. However we kept going, even in the snow and rain. I look back and think WOW thats what happens when you keep pushing. This past weekend I ran a 5k where even with my what I considered horrific time, I was still in the top 20 for my age group and I was not even close to being the last one to finish. Compared to my first 5k where I was very close to being the last one in.

When I started my journey I had no idea where it would lead me or how far I would go. I know I am not done with my journey yet…. I have a marathon to run in March after all and I am going to keep improving. What kinds of transformations have you seen since your journey started? Will you ever go back to where you were?

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Thoughts on my first half-marathon.

Before I ran my first half-marathon I heard many people give opinions on what they viewed to be crucial things to be able to finish well. So I tried some of them and was lucky enough to find a friend that was able to stay at my pace.

I started the half marathon and for anyone doing a rundisney half-marathon when you are in the last corral, it is going to be while before you actually start the event. The event started at 5:30, that is when the first corral started. I was in the last corral, but I was there early so I was near the middle front area. I started at 6:20 almost an hour after the first corral started. As I was jogging (anyone that knows me that my typical run is about a jog speed unless I am doing sprints) I happened to see another runner, running alone about the same speed a me. She also glanced at me and both of us decided that we should talk and we decided that we could pace with one another. So we stuck together for the entire race and finished together. This is where my first tip comes in, have that is running about your pace or slightly better to stick with during the run.

We stuck together and we both finished and were not swept up by the pacer crew. We also did not crawl over the finish line. We pushed ourselves but we both knew to walk when we could not run and we walked fast, almost a jogging pace. We kept each other focused on finishing and finishing well.

I was told to drink powerade or a drink like this every other water spot. Now I am not much of a sports drink person but I definitely felt the difference that drink had. We did not drink a lot of it just about half a cup or so and we drank water at each water station. That was another tip to drink water at each station and not think you are ok at the beginning and skip them. At about mile 6-7 we could feel the blood sugar crashing and luckily for both of us we had CliffShotBlocks so we ate those with water from the water station we were going through and we felt the help. Around mile 9 Disney had Cliff Power Gels, they were alright but they tasted kinda gross and were not as good as the shot blocks which were chews.

We finished and my time was 3:37, my goal was 3:30 but there were some things outside of our control that slowed us down. There were a couple of times we were stopped because pedestrians or cars had to get out. A couple of times the crowd came to a slow. Then after we finished the hard part came.

We had to each walk back to our hotels, that ended up being another mile, add in the mile more than a mile walk to the starting line and to the corrals. By the time my day ended I had walked over 20 miles according to my fitbit.

Everyone told my I would be super sore, unable to walk after that, but guess what, I walked yesterday afternoon a couple of places. I woke up this morning and I did not hurt and tomorrow I will be back to my regular workout.