Reset Challenge Week 2

So this week I started week 2 of the Reset Challenge. I have now been using the USANA products now for one month. So what did the journey look like this week? Did I keep losing weight now that I have added back in regular food one time a day?

So starting my week with Monday, first thing I noticed, my workout felt better. For those that do not know, I am a crossfitter, so monday when I saw air squats and pull ups I was a little worried to start. But then I started to do the air squats and something crazy happened, my hip joints did not hurt at all and I was able to move a lot faster that I normally do. I was excited because that NEVER happens for me. Then I go to do pull ups with my red band (one of the strongest bands) and for some reason I was able to do them without too much effort, definitely not like before. When I finished the rest of the workout I felt good and I thought maybe I did not go as intense as I should have. Then I touched the top of my head and my hair was dripping with sweat. I did my second workout that evening and it felt good and I was very happy. I thought if this is the new normal than I am in!!!

I stuck with it all week and learned a few things about myself. First as much as I like coffee on days when I drink coffee I need to make sure I drink enough water because otherwise my weight loss is poor or I have a slight gain. I have changed the order I am eating because my workout schedule and work schedule is different than most. So at the end of the week did I lose weight? Yep I sure did I lost 1.8 pounds this week and I have lost 7% of my body weight total. Any questions feel free to message me or comment to ask away,


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