Reset Nation Challenge

Hello all,

Last Monday marked the beginning of the reset nation challenge. This is through USANA and the grand prize is a trip to Sanoviv in Mexico. I started using USANA products 1 month ago and when I signed up I thought I did not need to do the reset program. I mean I work out regularly and I eat pretty good so I thought by just changing my shakes and bars out and starting the supplements I would be good to go. Boy have I learned my lesson. I was doing alright, there was some weight loss and I was seeing the changes, my mind did not wander as much, I felt better, my hair stopped shedding everywhere. However, I had told myself I could not do reset because I wanted to eat food.

Let me take a minute to explain what reset is. Reset is a program through USANA where for 5 days you do 3 shakes (meal replacement) a day and 2 bars (for snacks). You can have all the forest vegetables you want during this time.

So as you can imagine I was thinking that this would be crazy to do, while others thought I was nuts for not doing it. But that changed, when you might ask? When the reset nation challenge was announced. When someone offers a prize, I get slightly competitive and decide I am going to try and win. Then there are prizes you can earn by losing certain percentages of your weight. I am great at focusing on a prize. My first goal was to get the prize for 3 and 5 percent of weight loss.

The first day was slightly hard but then it was easy to do. I was actually surprised because I felt good and was not craving anything. This continued all week. Also a bonus is that you can use the virtual coach and then you send in your weight each day and are encouraged as you go along.

I just saw my weight coming off each day and now at the end of week one I have lost 5% of my body weight. And it was not that hard. Also I feel great! So if you are interested you should check out my website. USANA

Or try the True Health Assessment

Let me know what you think!


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